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حول جامعة فزان

The establishment of the university goes back to the decision of the General People’s Committee (formerly) No. 535 of 2007 AD regarding the reorganization of universities and higher institutes, which stipulates the establishment of Al-Wadi University, followed by 8 colleges distributed geographically between the cities of Murzuq, Ubari, and Ghat.

This decision was reinforced by the Cabinet Decision of the Government of National Accord No. 138 of 2017 regarding establishing the University of Fezzan, which is based in Murzuq and includes 8 faculties. The College of Nursing and the College of Engineering were also added according to the Minister of Education of the Government of National Accord’s Decision No. 1544 of 2018 regarding adding faculties to the University of Fezzan.

جامعة فزان

University events

27 Dec

The first scientific conference for the development of accounting

The first scientific conference for the development of accounting based on the role of academic institutions in developing and advancing science and working on innovation and providing support…

29 Nov

Developing Accounting: The Challenges of Reality and Hopes

Introduction: Based on the role of academic institutions in developing and promoting science and working on innovation and providing support to all other institutions of society…

10 Sep

The Second International Conference on Digital Transformation

The Second International Conference on Digital Transformation entitled Digital Transformation and its Role in the Development of Higher Education Institutions (Reality and Challenges) The date of the conference will be…

لماذا جامعة فزان

Geographical location

The University has a location overlooking three border countries, Chad, Niger and Algeria. Faculties in border areas have been established to support security, stability, preservation of Libyan identity, and support for sustainable development, thereby limiting brain migration from remote areas to cities.

community service

The University participated with civil society institutions in the region and opened up to members of society, dealt with its various institutions and structures, interacted with its issues, anticipated its problems, and worked to provide solutions. This made Fazan University a center of civilized radiation within society and a driving force for progress and prosperity.

جامعة فزان

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Fezzan University's most important article concerns its students, visitors, or graduates.

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    أ.د.أبوبكر المعروف ميلاد

    We know that the beginning will be difficult and maybe we will face a lot of missteps, but with Allah's help and with will and diligence, this university will pass all the odds and achieve its mission and objectives that are set for it and be fezzan university One of the institutions of higher education in Libya that will contribute to the service of society and provide qualified scientific cadres that effectively contribute to building our country's renaissance.

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    د. حسن عبدالسلام عمران

    The University was able to overcome challenges, pursue the education process and maintain its strategy to support students and society. fezzan university It is the best choice and the appropriate destination, Allah willing.

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    د.محمد صالح الدرازي

    fezzan university Seeks to be one of the best local and international universities in enabling their student to possess and employ knowledge in development challenges and innovations that keep pace with progress from local environmental realities, which is the crossroads of Arab, African, and Muslim cultures and civilization and thriving with natural and tourism resources.

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    د.إبراهيم المهدي أحمد

    I am delighted to welcome you to the website forfezzan university The University consistently seeks scientific excellence by supporting its objectives in a way that is consistent with andQuality standards requirements  The University's Agency of Scientific Affairs aims to develop a team spirit and produce outputs that benefit society.

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    أ.د.المهدي ميلاد الجدي

    The University of Fezzan, which has adopted a "University Leading and Influencing Society" emblem since its founding, has worked to link its vision and mission with society by developing the quality of education, scientific research, and community service and has always sought to establish a culture of leadership, excellence, and innovation.

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